Why Money Is Destroying the Planet



Its energy originates from our creative ability while its harming of frameworks and devastation of assets is gotten from voracity. Its quality is adjusted to power and control practiced by religions and governments. The want for it depends on just the way man has organized society to rely upon it for nourishment, apparel, lodging, and everything else.

The financial framework is the mind offspring of the Roman Realm. All the more particularly it originated from Ruler Claudius Constantine, who set up the Catholic church, began Christianity, manufactured the Vatican, created Jesus Christ, and killed millions. He increased sole lead over the colossal breadth of domains that were difficult to run with only one man yet he had an arrangement.

Contemporary creators noticed that the arrangement was there from his adolescence and when he grabbed the honored position on the demise of his dad, Constantius, he attempted to do it. What they didn’t have even an inkling, nor has the world referred to, that he is 666 as depicted in Disclosures 13:12-18.

Cash, charges, punishments, the law, and religious control of whole nations are a piece of his heritage. Presently the world can’t live without them on the grounds that the economy depends on similar standards and religion and the law are entwined to the point that one can’t exist without the other.

This is the essence of the World Request which sanctions cash as key to our ways of life and achievement. Presently it is pulverizing the planet as natural surroundings are demolished, assets are diminishing, and populace increment is going to finish catastrophe. While individuals are searching for somebody to fly up wearing the numbers 666 they should think back to the start of our time.

Following my rebirth, the learning that accompanied me is with the end goal that the underlying foundations of religion in sun-adore emerge like neon lights. Nothing individuals do now is vastly different to what they did then aside from that we have become better at it. At the point when asked for by the Soul to tear down the mass of visual deficiency, which occurred in 1984, the span of that boundary to truth and life was appeared to me in dreams.