Shailesh Dash and Al Masah Capital

The founder and CEO of Al Masah Capital, shailesh dash, has over 20 years of experience in alternative investments. His company has raised over US$1 billion since its founding in 2010 and has already established itself as one of the most quickly-growing alternative investment firms in Southeast Asia. Read on to find out more about Dash, his company, and the services they provide.

Entrepreneurial Talent

Before founding Al Masah Capital, Dash already had an extensive personal history of successful work in the financial sector. He managed $4 billion worth of assets, executed 14 IPOs and five trade sales, and had served on 12 company boards. This experience gave him the wealth of knowledge he needed to get his latest company off the ground and ensure its success. Throughout his career, he has focused on healthcare, education, and other areas of business focused on providing families and their children with better lives.

Professional Recognition

It should be no surprise given his track record that Dash has been recognized by several organizations for his work in the financial sector. He consistently ranks in the top 50 most influential people in his region by financial service industry professionals and was even awarded an achievement by MENA Fund Manager Magazine. He is also a member of the CFA Institute.

Al Masah Capital’s Message

Dash speaks on behalf of Al Masah Capital to ensure that his business’s priorities are well-known. Al Masah Capital operates according to principals set out by the Dubai Financial Services Authority and the CSSF to ensure that their investment partners’ interests are being protected and preserved. Dash believes that honesty, integrity, empathy, and transparency are essential qualities in any investment firm and runs his business with these qualities in mind.

Learn More Today

Want to find out more about Dash, his company Al Masah Capital, and the many investment opportunities they offer to clients across Southeast Asia and beyond? As noted above, Dash’s company operates on the principle that transparency is key to running a successful investment firm, so information about the company, its founder, its management team, and its senior leadership is readily available on the website. Check it out for more information or get in contact today.